In their eyes were watching god, zora neale hurston uses dialect when tea cake speaks in order to

What do Tea Cake’s words reveal about his intentions?

What do Tea Cake’s words reveal about his intentions ? He plans to avoid Mrs. Turner and her business. They talked about the prospects for the coming season for a moment, then Tea Cake said, “Yo’ wife don’t seem tuh have nothin’ much tuh do , so she kin visit uh lot.

Why does Hurston use dialect?

Hurston uses dialect to bring the story as well as the characters to life. The use of dialect makes the characters seem real; they are believable. Hurston’s familiarity with the language of the South enables her to accurately depict the dialect of the region.

How did tea cake treat Janie?

Tea Cake treats Janie like a special person, not because she still carries with her that aura of class, but because some masculine instinct tells him that if he wants her, he will have to woo her. He listens to Janie’s opinions, helps her in the store, and plays his guitar for her.

What is the style of Their Eyes Were Watching God?

The style of Their Eyes Were Watching God is primarily colloquial, with the bulk of the novel written in dialect meant to approximate how Southern black Americans spoke to each other in the early 1900s. The narrator’s poetic and lofty style interrupts the colloquial dialogue in Their Eyes Were Watching God .

What does Tea Cake’s dialect or use of nonstandard English reveal about him?

What does Tea Cake’s dialect, or use of nonstandard English , reveal about him ? It establishes that Tea Cake lives in the South and may lack formal education. It clarifies Tea Cake’s opinion of Mrs. Turner, who uses standard English .

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Why does Zora Neale Hurston use nonstandard English?

Why does Zora Neale Hurston use nonstandard English in this excerpt? the belief that dreams often remain unrealized due to oppression. actively advocates the idea of fighting for equal treatment.

Is Their Eyes Were Watching God first person?

Their Eyes Were Watching God possesses a unique structure. The story is told in the context of a “frame.” The novel both begins and ends with two people, Janie and Pheoby, sitting on the porch of Janie’s house. As the story proceeds chronologically, however, the story is not a first – person narrative.

How does the author’s use of dialect affect the story?

Dialect can be a powerful tool to help writers bring the characters they have created to life. A writer might use dialect , along with accent, to distinguish a character’s unique way of speaking—and in doing so, illustrate their place of origin, cultural background, or social class.

Why does Janie kill tea cake?

He was her hero, but he is not treated with a hero’s glorious death. Instead, he is reduced to insanity because of a rabies bite from a stray dog caught up in the hurricane. Because of this, Janie is forced to kill the man she loves to put him out of his rabies-induced misery. That in itself is why Tea Cake had to die.

What secret does Janie keep from tea cake?

The secret money that Janie keeps from Tea Cake is representative of her fears that what people think is true. That she is too old for Tea Cake and he will leave her for another woman. Although, her true fear is that she is making a mistake. Before being with Tea Cake , Janie was only living her life for other people.

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What Was Tea Cake’s real name?

Vergible Woods

What is the main theme of Their Eyes Were Watching God?

writes in the afterword to most modern editions of the book, Their Eyes Were Watching God is primarily concerned “with the project of finding a voice, with language as an instrument of injury and salvation, of selfhood and empowerment.” Jody stifles Janie’s speech, as when he prevents her from talking after he is named

What Does Their Eyes Were Watching God mean?

Hurston writes that they waited to see how nature would determine their fate: “They seemed to be staring at the dark, but their eyes were watching God .” With this line, the characters recognize the lack of control they have over their own lives, and realize they can only be spared from the cruelty of nature if God sees

What is Zora Neale Hurston impact on literature?

As a leader in the Harlem Renaissance Zora Neale Hurston was a revolutionary in helping to protect the rights of African Americans. She was known during the Harlem Renaissance for her wit, irreverence, and folk writing style. Hurston was though most well know for her popular novels.

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