How to put fondant on a square cake

Can you put fondant directly on a cake?

You can use purchased fondant (be sure you get “rolled” fondant as opposed to “pouring” fondant ), or you can make your own marshmallow fondant or rolled fondant . In addition to the fondant , you will need a cake that is covered with a layer of buttercream at least 1/4-inch thick.

How much fondant do I need to cover a square cake?

Fondant – Amounts Needed to Cover a Cake

Cake Size:Size – InchesUse this Rolled Fondant Amount – Ounces (by weight)
Squares 4 in. high6″24 oz.
8″36 oz.
10″48 oz.
12″72 oz.

Should I refrigerate my cake before fondant?

Do not refrigerate or freeze. Iced cake can be stored at room temperature for 3-4 days. Cake fillings requiring refrigeration should not be used in fondant -covered cakes . Prior to applying fondant , cake should be lightly covered with a glaze or buttercream icing to provide a smooth surface.

How do I calculate how much fondant I need for a cake?

To determine the diameter you need to roll fondant for covering the cake : measure opposite sides and top of cake across center; roll out fondant to that size, 1/4 inch thick. For example, an 8 inch, two-layer cake , with two sides each 4 inches, equals 16 inches diameter.

How much fondant icing do I need for a 10 inch cake?

How much fondant do i need?

Cake SizeSize ( inches )Approximate Amount
Rounds 3 in. high 7.6 cm8″510g
10 “680g

How do you bake a cake in a square pan?

How to Bake a Square Cake and Cut It Out of the Pan Preheat your oven to the temperature recommended by your recipe or cake mix. Grease your square pan with vegetable shortening. Sprinkle barely enough flour into the greased pan to cover the bottom. Prepare your cake batter according to the recipe or mix. Pour the cake batter into the square pan .

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