What is bumpy cake

Is Bumpy Cake a Michigan thing?

You can now find Bumpy Cake at any of the 10 Sanders locations in Michigan or at Kroger stores. For more on the bumpy cake or to locate the Sanders nearest to you, visit sanderscandy.com. Vernors is a beloved Michigan beverage.

Where can I buy a Sanders bumpy cake?

Sanders Chocolate Fudge Bumpy Cake , 21 oz. Cakes & Cheesecakes | Meijer Grocery, Pharmacy, Home & More!

Where did bumpy cake originated?


What is lumpy bumpy cake?

Highlights. Our famous Lumpy Bumpy ! Layers of toffee sponge, rich chocolate flavour mousse and lumpy bumpy cheesecake, all smothered with chocolate ganache and sprinkled with pecans, chocolate chunks and finally drizzled with chocolate fudge.

What is unique about Michigan?

Michigan has the longest freshwater shoreline in the world. Michigan has more shoreline than any other state except Alaska. Michigan is the only state that touches four of the five Great Lakes. Standing anywhere in the state a person is within 85 miles of one of the Great Lakes.

What can you only get in Michigan?

18 Awesome Things That Came Straight Out Of Michigan 18) Germack Pistachio Co. Facebook. 17) Hudsonville Ice Cream. Facebook. 16) Jiffy Mix. Facebook. 15) Kellogg’s. Facebook. 14) McClure’s Pickles. Facebook. 13) Mackinac Island Fudge. Facebook. 12) Sanders Candy. Facebook. 11) Shinola. Facebook.

Can you freeze bumpy cake?

Bumpy Cake is a Detroit tradition. Note: This cake does very well right out of the freezer. Freezing the cake before piping the buttercream, then freezing the piped cake before pouring the frosting on, is essential to harden the buttercream enough for the frosting to properly adhere.

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Who makes Sanders ice cream?

Morley Candy Makers, Inc.

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