What is a cake board

What is cake board used for?

A cake board is a flat support placed under a cake , to make it easy to lift and transport. A cake is placed on a cake board and then spends the rest of its “life span” on the board : it is decorated on the board , transported on the board , and served from the board .

Are cake boards necessary?

So when baking and decorating your next cake , remember, you do need variety of cake boards to finish your project successfully. It is better to be safe, just in case, than lose an entire cake because it collapsed! Cakers tip: Completed cakes can be very large and heavy, so they can be tricky to move around.

Are cake boards reusable?

As a general rule please note that cake boards that are purchased from supermarkets or cake stores are disposable and should not be reused . They are made from acrylic or perspex are food safe and can be purchased from cake stores, eBay, Amazon and even plastic manufacturers.

What’s the difference between a cake board and a cake drum?

A cake drum is normally a layers of card or card foam board covered in foil (like cake boards you can get them in other colours but silver is the most common) and they are around 12-13mm / ½ inch thick. They’re strong and are generally available in larger sizes than cake boards .

Do you leave the cake board on when stacking?

You should not be able to see any cardboard except for bottom cake board that the cake is sitting on. All of the piping should be done once the cake is already stacked , to avoid thumbprints or cracks. You will need chopsticks, straws or plastic dowels to begin stacking .

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How much bigger should a cake board be than the cake?

As a basic guide, your cake board would need to be 2 to 3 inches bigger than the diameter of your cake . You may like to consider adding lettering or decorations to the cake board . If so, it may be better to choose a slightly bigger cake board than originally suggested to allow space for them.

Can you stack cakes without boards?

Sure, no problem. Just make sure the balance is right and the top cake isn’t too heavy. A little “glue” (frosting for example) between them might help them stick together. For something that’s only two teirs, you can probably get away without a board in between, but it helps to have the right type of cake .

How do I keep my cake board from sliding off the turntable?

Just add a few toothpicks (wooden skewers would work as well) around the top of the cake pointing out away from it, and put a layer of plastic wrap over the toothpicks to cover the cake .

How do I choose a cake board?

Choose a board which is at least two inches bigger than the cake tin it was baked in; this allows for the thickness of marzipan, icing and also for any decoration around the edge of the board . If you intend to put decoration or lettering on the board you might be better with an even larger size cake board .

How do I keep my cake from sliding off the board?

For a snug and safe fit, try to use a cake box that’s the same size as your cake board . If your box is slightly larger than your board , use a non-skid mat inside the box to prevent your cake from sliding around. Also, don’t forget to account for height.

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