How to decorate a dummy cake

How do you decorate a dummy cake with buttercream?

Covering a Dummy Cake With Buttercream Make sure you attach the cake board with some melted chocolate. Dummy Cakes are extremely light and for that reason, it’s a pain to keep them in place as you apply the buttercream . Put your buttercream in a piping bag and apply evenly around the cake . Smooth using a palette knife or cake smoother.

Can you reuse dummy cakes?

I reuse dummies all the time. The better the quality of polystyrene, the easier the icing comes off. If the icing is still quite soft it can be peeled away, although you must be careful not to damage the dummy . If you ‘re having trouble getting old icing off, pop your dummy in the freezer for a while.

How far in advance can you cover a dummy cake with fondant?

How long does a dummy cake last? But it seems to last indefinitely if kept in the appropriate environment – i.e. – cool and dry. I ‘ve covered a dummy as far as 3 mnths in advance . Stored in a cool place away from light, it’s fine.

Can you put buttercream on a dummy cake?

Yes, most certainly can . To cover the dummies with buttercream or other frostings of similar consistency (like royal icing and ganache), the process is pretty straightforward. Just cover it in the exact same way as you would a normal cake .

How do you get fondant to stick to a dummy cake?

Water and Piping Gel Cover Styrofoam cakes in plastic wrap and use a thin layer of piping gel or water as a glue for the fondant . When using water, apply a very light amount so the fondant doesn’t become gummy. Apply and smooth fondant over the Styrofoam cake just as you would if using buttercream.

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Do you need to dowel a dummy cake?

If you select the height dummy cakes for each tier you ‘ll have the look you want . Each of your real cakes should be on a cake card before stacking onto the dummy , you don’t need dowels when sticking them together with some ganache or royal icing. You will need to dowel as normal when stacking all the tiers together.

What is dummy cake?

Dummy cakes (or imitation tiers as those in the cake world like to refer to them) are iced and decorated polystyrene blocks. You can have traditional wedding cake styles with sharp or rounded edges. They also come in all sorts of amazing shapes and sizes where your only limit is your imagination.

Can you put buttercream on Styrofoam?

A good stiff crusting buttercream should adhere to the styrofoam without problem. It’s always best to play with a small amount so you don’t get surprises when you try it for real.

Can you wash Styrofoam cake dummies?

Our cake dummies are made from closed cell polystyrene and it’s possible that they can be cleaned and reused, especially if you seal them with a good coating of water based paint.

Can I wash Styrofoam?

Use only regular dish soap to clean styrofoam . Place a garden hose into a bucket, and turn on the water. Squeeze three to five drops of dishwashing detergent into the stream of water as the bucket fills. Dip the soft sponge in the bucket until wet, then gently clean the styrofoam until clean .

What is perma ice?

Magic Line’s PERMA – ICE is ideal icing for decorating dummy cakes, show cakes, ice cream displays and more. It is a NON EDIBLE, artificial icing specially formulated for creating beautiful display cakes. Handles like butter-cream icing. The base coat of Perma – Ice takes about 2 hours to dry, after icing the cake.

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