How to make minnie mouse cake

How much is a Minnie Mouse cake?

Additional information

DECORATING PRICEStarting at $65.00
AVAILABLE SIZEin 7″ to 12″ Round Cake Sizes Only

How do you make Mickey Mouse ears with fondant?

A day or two before you need them, mix together black fondant and tylose. I add 1-2 teaspoons per pound. Knead it together thoroughly, then roll out the fondant and cut out the ears . I think I usually make mine about 2.5″ but you’ll want to cut them so they’re proportionate to your Mickey head!

What does Minnie Mouse eat?

Minnie’s favorite foods are cheese , chocolate and cake . She loves listening to jazz music, cooking, baking, shopping and makeup. She was voiced by Walt Disney from 1928 to 1929, then by Marcelite Garner, and then voiced by Russi Taylor.

How do you make Minnie Mouse Oreos?

Using melted chocolate for glue, adhere the 2 mini Oreo halves to the top of a large cookie half for the ears. Add some melted chocolate to the center of the Oreo then carefully place the other large cookie half on top, lightly pressing bottoms together. Set aside. Repeat process for desired number of Minnie’s .

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