How to make drip cake

What is cake drip made of?

Important Tips for Beautiful Drip Cake Frosting The drizzle frosting is made by warming cream with chocolate and whisking them together. You want to cool the drizzle so it thickens slightly but also so it won’t melt the cake frosting. Your cake should be at room temperature too.

Does a drip cake need to be refrigerated?

Chilling your cake will help your drips stay in place once they’re added, and help prevent them from running down too far.

How high should a drip cake be?

1) Bake ’em tall ! Bake a 6-inch cake at least 3 layers tall , and a decent 8-inch drip cake should either have 3 tall layers or 4 average sized layers. You can add extra height by torteing (slicing widthways) your layers and adding more filling in between. Mmmmm.

Can you do a drip cake with whipped cream frosting?

Layers of chocolate cake , whipped cream and sliced strawberries, whipped cream frosting , and a chocolate ganache drip around the edges. Whipped cream is one of the less stable frostings to work with, especially when made in large batches, so filling and frosting a cake with it is not a simple task.

Can you do a drip cake on fondant?

You can even use fondant if you wanted to add a drip . Here is a cake I made using fondant covered in edible silver leaf and a black dark chocolate ganache drip . Colouring your drip : To achieve a bright white drip , I recommend titanium powder first and then you can also try adding white food gel colouring.

How much does a drip cake cost?

Naked/Drip Cakes

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10′ round tall cake45 – 50 serves$195.00
Drip and Extra pricing for Naked/ Drip Cakes
Ganache Drip6′ cake$12.00
(white, dark or coloured choc)8′ cake$16.00

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