How to make a towel cake

How do you make a basket out of a towel?

Fold a large bath towel in half vertically, making sure the open end is toward you. Fold into thirds horizonally, then fold the towel into thirds a second time to create a thick square. Tuck the middle fold into the middle of the top fold to create a loop. Use a safety pin to secure the ends if needed.

How do you wrap a towel for gift?

If you are giving a set of towels , consider dividing the towels up into smaller groups and wrapping several boxes instead of one large box. Line the bottom of the box with tissue paper and place the towels in the box. Cover the towels with additional tissue paper. Tape the box closed.

How do you roll a towel?

How to Roll Your Towels Like a Spa! Start by folding the towel in half. Grab one of the corners and bring it across until it is parallel to the far edge. Flip the towel . Then fold the corners in thirds. Flip the towel again. And begin tightly rolling .

How do you fold a napkin into a basket?

Turn a Napkin Into a Basket in a Pinch Lay the napkin on a flat surface with the outer side facing down. Fold the top and bottom edges in about an inch. Fold the top and bottom edges toward the center of the napkin again, but with larger folds , so that the edges meet in the middle. Turn the napkin over and fold the sides in so that they meet.

How do you wrap a gift with a tea towel?

Lay out your tea towel and start to wrap . Ensure the design side is facing down so that it will be on show on the outside of the present . Place your gift in the centre and carefully fold the middle section of the tea towel around the item, securing tightly with your decorative ribbon.

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