How to make a dragon cake

How do you make a fire breathing dragon cake?

Ingredients 2 9-inch (23cm) Round cakes , baked and cooled. 6 Cups of frosting, your choice of color (more or less, to taste) 8 Chocolate-covered graham cracker cookies. 8 Fruit Gem gummies (or similar) 2 Sunkist fruit slices. 2 Blue fruit roll-ups (flat, square kind) 1 Red fruit roll-up (flat, square kind)

How do you make fondant from scratch?

How to make marshmallow fondant : Microwave marshmallows and water. Mix in powdered sugar. Knead: Grease your hands and your counter-top generously with shortening. Add color (if desired) and roll it out: Roll it out thinly (about 1/8 inch thick) for covering cakes or creating decorations.

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How to make a ice cream cake

How are ice cream cakes made? A popular form is a three-layer cake , with a layer of ice cream between two layers of cake . In a typical assembly, the cake component is baked in the normal way, cut to shape if necessary, and then frozen. Ice cream is shaped in a mold as […]

How to make a diaper cake without rolling

How many diapers do you need to make a diaper cake? How many diapers do you need? This depends on the size and shape of the diaper cake you’re making, but you’ll probably need anywhere from 38 to 64 diapers for a three-tier cake. How do you make a small diaper cake? Mini Diaper Cake […]