How to set up clue jr the case of the missing cake

How do you play Clue Jr case of the broken toy?

In this clue junior game, players are on a mission to discover which toy was broken , who broke it and what time it was broken . Players roll the die to see if they can move their character, look under other character pawns or peek under furniture tokens for clues.

Who ate the cake game?

The game plays by rolling the dice. You move the characters from room to room trying to land on a white or yellow space if you land on white you get to look under that character. Yellow you get to look under the piece of furniture in that room. One character has crumbs under him this is the character that ate the cake .

Is there a way to play Clue with 2 players?

It’s only got one major flaw: you can’t play it with two people . The object of Clue is to solve a murder mystery. At the beginning of the game three cards are placed in an envelope. That’s why you need at least three people to play Clue .

How do you play Cluedo?

The idea of Cluedo is to move from room to room to eliminate people, places, and weapons. The player who correctly accuses Who, What, and Where wins. No players are allowed to look at the three cards inside the Solution Cards envelope until they are out of the game.

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