Christine M. Jeohn

Christine’s fascination with the culinary art is testament to a natural talent for creativity and imagination. Christine’s principal interests include cuisine and innovative art, as she herself is a former performer. She has combined her love for the two and founded Cakes By Christine. ART YOU CAN EAT!


Christine's background began in violin performace at a young age. A former student of the Manhattan School of Music, she developed her skills to later teach violin.  Her education was not limited to the arts  - she acquired the learned skill of tedious detail work as an investigative researcher. She continued her schooling and was later accepted to the University of Bridgeport, where she would attend chiropractic school. Christine was eventually lead towards an unforeseen direction when her husband decided to open up his own business - Swing’s Sweets Italian-American Bakery. That is when she decided to help her husband and study pastry arts at the French Culinary Institute in NYC.  After graduating with a degree in Classic Pastry Arts in 2009, Christine officially founded Cakes by Christine NY.

Christine’s decorating skills are self taught - accrued through both trial & error and professional study-work. Her friends believe that her artistic accomplishments are largely based on her lack of having a “firm master plan for life.” Her unique skill set in music mixed with her investigative work ethic and the pastry education has shaped her into a great cake designer as well as a rising pastry chef.

Christine believes in treating every order like it's her only order. She personally bakes, decorates and hand delivers every cake.  Christine hand selects every strawberry, and ripens each banana to make sure it is nothing less than perfect for your cake. Her ingredient selections are of the best quality with no hesitation on spending extra for premium items, as she would never serve something she wouldn't eat herself.


“My goal is to amaze and shock my customers at first glance but then to floor them at first bite”.

~ Christine Jeohn– The Cake Queen of Queens







The Cake Queen From Queens!

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